We can build your barrel sauna, contact us for assembly options and prices.  Ensure your site needs to be prepared and ready to place the barrel.

Barrel Saunas need to sit on solid stable ground. This is usually concrete, three rows of three 500mm pavers or a reinforced deck. If you are in a high wind area or on sloping ground, we recommend installing ground screws from Stop Digging. We can provide you with the floor plans for our barrel saunas, to help you locate pavers or work out the space needed. 

Our Barrel Saunas are classed as non consentable, portable buildings and in most cases, don’t need planning consent. If unsure please check with your local authority. The St Albans Barrel Sauna has an outer volume of 8.91 m2 (6.6 m2 in main room internally) and the Merivale Barrel Sauna measures 9.9 m2 (7.59 m2 in main room internally).

Our Hot Tubs are almost fully assembled, with only the piping from the wood burner to connect. Hot tubs are also best located on concrete, pavers or reinforced decking. Siting the hot tub in grass or gravel, may lead to debris being walked into the tub and more frequent water changes.