Scandinavian Grill House


Includes hexagonal cooking grill

Durable Thermowood 

Includes floor

100% European crafted 

Special order – 50% deposit required

Finance Available 

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The magic of the Shire

It this a retreat for little the folk with big feet or a wonderful new addition to the garden? Be the first to try out this new product and be the envy of the whole neighbourhood with the Shire Grill House.

The weather outside might be cold, the garden deep in snow or ruined by the bitter easterly wind, but inside your grill house the party is swinging. A perfect place to socialise all year round and get back to simpler times. Finnish Grill houses or ‘grillikota’ are a great way to barbecue outside in all seasons (Grillkoda if you are Estonian). The grill house is also fantastic for relaxing, laying back and simply enjoying the warmth of a fire. Traditionally kotas are often adorned with ornate floor rugs, reindeer furs and hand made wooden crockery.

Made from the same tough Thermowood, used on our saunas, this unit has seating for 10 people along sturdy benches, on the inner walls. All the internal wood is planed and smoothed off, with strict attention to detail.

On the hexagonal grill, cook the perfect flintstone steak, over hot charcoal. Table boards around the grill offer the chef plenty of space, to prepare your feast. Fold down tables, provide a handy space to eat. Fumes are vented through the adjustable metal hood and through the roof flue. The opening window also allows healthy air movement.

The Grillkota has three double glazed windows and a double glazed panel in the front door.

Your investment is protected by a trussed roof, covered in tough bitumen tiles. Finally, the whole house is secured on a solid wooden floor with joists (included).

The grill house is best located on a concrete pad, pavers or solid ground. It comes as a kitset and a full assembly manual. Two people are required to assemble the floor and walls. The roof panels are heavy and need three people minimum to assemble safely.

It is best to check with your local authority about the planning requirements in your area. This house measures 9m2 and as a guide, the Shire measures 3.74 meters across at it’s widest point. This house is large enough to use as a sleep out and will take a queen sized bed.

Delivery to level Christchurch kerbside included. South Island $600, North Island from $1200.




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