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$800 if purchased with a Barrel Sauna from us

$3295 stand alone price

Includes flue and 100 KG of stones


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Go natural with a wood burner!

Get closer to nature and the origins of sauna with this upgrade package. The electric Humm sauna heater unit is replaced and upgraded to the powerful Stoveman wood burning heater.

The Stoveman is designed for small and medium-sized saunas, it features a black steel frame which can hold up to 100 kg of stones. The large thermal mass of hot stones ensures that heat is retained longer, therefore a superior sauna experience.

The Stoveman heater has six air ducts, directing hot air from the bottom upwards. The unit is CE marked and meet the requirements of EN 15821:2010. Hence, a safer experience.

– All parts that come into contact with fire are made of 5 mm thick sheet steel

– The base of the unit is fabricated from 3 mm thick sheet steel

– The intergral ash box is made of 2 mm thick sheet steel and the ash grate is made from 10 by 20 mm square steel

– Suits a sauna room sized 6-13 m3

– Weighs a hefty 52-53 kg, ensure two people lift the unit into place.

– Holds approximately 100kg of sauna stones, included with the upgrade or standalone purchase

– User can safely burn firewood up to 30cm long.

– Width: 450 mm

– Depth: 550 mm

– Total height: 700 mm

Includes 2m long flue double skinned flue with wet back and 100kg of large stones.

The stand alone prices for the Stoveman Wood burner, upgraded flue and five boxes of large stones is $3295. Please note the price increases, are a result of switching to a superior flue, and New Zealand Customs  adding tariffs on goods from the European Union. 

It is the responsibility of the user to comply with local environmental and fire laws. Most importantly, check with the relevant local council if wood burners are permitted for use. Contact us for more information and standalone delivery prices.


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