matai paddle

Matai platter board


Matai Timber

Treated with wood butter

630mmx150mmx20mm, other lengths upon request

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In these times of disposable consumer goods, invest in a timeless classic.

Our Matai (Prumnopitys taxifolia) platter boards are hand crafted from a timber that’s getting almost impossible to find. Great for cheese and charcuterie, these stunning boards complement any home. Loaded up with cheeses, charcuterie and other goodies, these boards are great for entertaining.

Not commercially milled in any great volume, Matai or Black pine is found on the South and North Island of New Zealand. Known for its hammered grey-brown bark, long wavy figure, caramel colour and tight grains.

When a local timber merchant put a large pack up for sale we knew we had to purchase it at any cost! The company was moving yards and came across some pallets of native timbers that had sat untouched for over 30 years!

After planing and cutting to shape, these paddles measure approximately 630mm x 1500mm x 20mm. Mt Lyford Rustic make their products slightly imperfect, with unique features and embellishments to avoid looking like mass produced big box store offerings.  These paddles will feature a mixture of clear timber, sap, heart and knots, which add to the character.

Treated with wood butter, using beeswax from Mt Lyford Honey. The third photo highlights the difference between freshly planed timber and the lush yellow sheen of a polished board. Do not put in dishwasher, also do not soak, instead wipe down with a damp cloth after use.

Each board includes a pot of wood butter to keep the board looking perfect.

Contact us for custom wording/artwork.

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