Huum Sauna Heaters


21st Century sauna

Award winning Huum ‘Drop’ sauna heaters are included with all our Barrel Saunas as standard. The easy to use control panel version is fitted in all our barrels, with the smart phone option or a larger capacity heater offered as an upgrade. We also offer the heaters as a stand alone purchase, should you be building your own sauna or replacing an old model.




More stones – more steam

The Huum ‘Drop’ heater holds a generous 55kg of stones (compared to 20kg in a Harvia Vega) which therefore rewards the user with a more invigorating steam and increased thermal mass. Users of this heater report a more even heat in the sauna and the ability to make more steam. Standard saunas use rough shaped stones, the Drop heater uses naturally rounded rocks that further add to the modern aesthetic.


Safe sauna experience

The UKU control panel is equipped with door sensor, overheating protection and child safety lock to ensure a safe sauna experience.


Award winning company

Huum are a young innovative company that take the traditions and best features of Nordic sauna and apply modern technology, design and innovation.