Thermowood Timber

We use Thermowood in our products because of it’s long life and durability. Not all Sauna and hot tubs are created equal!

Our Thermowood is derived from Nordic Spruce that has been heat treated for over two days, at around 210 degrees Celcius. There a no chemicals used in this modification, simply heat vapour and steam. Our timber is sourced from slow growing Northern European forests grown with sustainable practices.

Heat and Steam thermal modification.

This process removes moisture and resin, leaving a material that has a higher rot, moisture and mould resistance. The timber now has a much longer life and dimensional stability, making it perfect for applications that need resistance to warping.

Great outdoors.

Thermally modified timber is also much less prone to swelling when exposed to water, so perfect for use outdoors.

Thermowood is perfect for sauna and hot tub construction.

The modified timber has reduced thermal conductivity of 20-25%, when compared with other non treated coniferous wood, such as pine or cedar. As it is great for keeping in heat, thermowood is perfect for use in outdoor saunas and hot tubs. Other sauna barrels elsewhere use 38mm thick pine or cedar, we use 45mm thermowood.

Built to last.

Thermally modified wood is a class two timber, durable for 15-25 years See chart. True thermowood will not look pale or white, instead have a light caramel tanned appearance.