After some planning our first mobile sauna cabin is ready for fit out. Like our Tartu sauna cabin it will be clad inside and out with a healthy rigid air barrier. Lined and clad with Thermally modified timber and capped with a black colour steel roof. A large picture window allows users to see a […]


In a traditional Finnish-style sauna, the optimal temperature typically ranges between 70°C to 90°C However, the specific temperature can vary based on individual preferences and the sauna’s design. Here’s a general guideline for the optimal temperature in different types of saunas within the Finnish tradition: Moderate Temperature Sauna (70°C – 80°C ): This temperature range […]


Taking a cold shower after a sauna is a practice that offers several potential benefits for your body and overall well-being. This contrast therapy, involving exposure to heat followed by cold, has been used for centuries in various cultures. Here’s why taking a cold shower after a sauna can be beneficial: The high temperatures in […]


The smoke sauna, also known as a “Savusauna” in Finnish, is a traditional type of sauna that has its origins in Northern Europe, particularly in Finland and the Baltic region. It holds a significant place in the cultural history of these areas and has played an essential role in their way of life for centuries. […]



A busy few days at Canterbury Saunas HQ. Our gorgeous Savotta sauna tent is being hired out next week and it has been a good opportunity to check over the mobile benches. They needed a little maintenance after a good friend dropped them off the back of his ute!   The benches can be disassembled and […]


  Many people think Cedar is the only wood for sauna, perhaps not…   CEDAR – Thuja plicata Many people are drawn to Cedar as being the best timber available for Sauna. Whilst cedar, redwood and other darker woods are very good timbers, they do have some drawbacks. One of the issues is the odour […]


The smoke sauna is one of the oldest forms of sauna bathing around. Before chimneys and flue systems were easily available, saunas were simple log cabins with a large stove, that burned birch logs.  Up until the middle of the 20th century, these types of sauna were prevalent across Scandinavia. The burning logs would slowly […]


  To the uninitiated, the Sauna Whisk looks like some form of self torture or punishment, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. In eastern Finland known as the Vasta or Vihta elsewhere in the country, the whisk adds an extra dimension to your sauna. In Finland and Russia using a whisk is pretty […]

Confessions Of A Sauna Addict

Three months have flown by since our sauna was commissioned and there has been much to take in. Our St Albans Barrel Sauna has given us lots of joy (and some sorrow). Anna and I have enjoyed using the sauna almost every other day and have really got to know the product inside out. On a personal […]