5 Reasons Barrel Saunas Are Better Than Spa Pools

Like many Kiwis you might be considering buying a spa pool to relax in. Have you considered a Barrel Sauna?   Barrel Saunas don’t have slippery steps. Unsteady on your feet, have poor balance or are worried about slipping, fear not. A Barrel Sauna from Canterbury Saunas has a solid, level floor that doesn’t collect […]

Building Our Sauna

When the temperature outside hits 32 degrees Celsius, it’s probably not a great time to build a sauna! However undeterred my wife and I got underway. We had already removed some of the original decking around the site and leveled the ground with some crusher dust. Step one, we placed the feet and floor panels […]


First mentioned in written form in 1112, the Finnish sauna has thought to have been around for more than 2000 years. The Finnish word translates as bath or bath house into English. Originally thought to have been crafted by nomadic Finnish tribes by scraping away some ground, then building a rudimentary tent out of sticks and […]

Essential oils

Essential oils are used in Saunas to promote well being and increase the enjoyment of the session. It is advisable to only use 100% natural oils and avoid artificial fragrances or oils. By using oils in your water bucket, it takes the whole experience to another level and adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Traditionally […]