The following terms and conditions only apply if you’re purchasing a sauna tent hire agreement with us.

The sauna is to be collected from 11pm onwards at the address provided by email, following the successful booking. The sauna must be returned by 10am on the day specified, in a clean and serviceable condition, with the dry tent folded back into the bag, the oven empty of ash and chimney put back into the pipes.

Ensure you lift the sauna stove safely, it weighs 12 kilos. The stones weigh 20 Kilos. Canterbury Saunas are not responsible for any injuries sustained through not handling or lifting the tent/store incorrectly. It is best to lift with 2 people.

You are responsible for any damages and will forfeit your $250 deposit. Total loss of the tent will incur a $2000 fee.

Ensure you have permission to use the tent beforehand and check before use. This is not an open fire, but the chimney can spark – think carefully where you locate the tent. It is wise to have two buckets of water outside the tent and one inside.

Canterbury Saunas are not responsible for any accident, injury, fire, loss of property through use of the sauna tent. The Client accepts all responsibility for it’s safe usage and for any injury, fire, loss of property. The client is responsible for the health and safety of all users of the tent and people in the immediate proximity.

Not to be used in moderate to strong wind, uneven ground, in forestry, long grass or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication – this item is not a toy.

Sauna is best avoided if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, unstable angina pectoris, advanced heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, or severe aortic stenosis. Other medical conditions, kidney disease, liver failure, pregnancy, or trying to conceive. Many places won’t allow children under a certain age to use the sauna, so best seek guidance. Don’t use if you are feeling sick, pass out easily, get cramps, suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Finally avoid if you are taking medication to prevent you from sweating.

The tent requires two people and about 30 minutes to set up. It can only be erected on grass or soft ground, as you will need to anchor the lines down with pegs. Allow at least a 5 meter by 5 meter level area of land to erect the tent. Do not erect the tent in long or dry grass, near combustible materials or liquids, or underneath trees. Use the stones provided as schist/soft sedimentary stones will explode with heat.

The stove needs about 30-40 minutes burning time to ensure that a good sauna temperature is achieved. You will need to load the stove about 4-5 times in this period. Do not allow the fire the die out, as it will take longer to heat the tent. Take care to enter and exit the tent, closing the door behind you to retain the heat. Only use soft deciduous wood as pine will cause sparks. By opening the ash drawer slightly, this draws more air into the firebox and heats up the stove faster. Please not the centre pole and the 6 outer poles will get very hot and can burn if touched. It is normal for the stove to glow on the top and the lower 30cm of the chimney. Do not over load/over heat the stove.

We have squeezed 5 people into the sauna, but you may find that 4 is the maximum for comfort and safe use.

Ideally enjoy about 20 minutes of sauna at around 65-80 degrees, go outside cool down in a shower, sea, lake etc and then return for a slightly shorter session, before again cooling down.

Ensure you drink plenty of water before and after. Excessive use can cause dehydration.

Don’t handle a hot stove, wait for it to cool down, this is usually over night. The following morning, remove the chimney, stove, centre poles, untie lines and removed 6 our poles. Ensure tent is dried out inside. Fold the tent carefully and place back inside the bag. Poor packing will damage the tent and incur costs.

We have managed to fit the tent, stove, rocks, wood and seats into the back (seats down) of a Suzuki Swift.