The following terms and conditions only apply if you’re purchasing a Paella pan/stand/burner hire agreement with us.

The equipment is to be collected from 11pm onwards at the address provided by email, following the successful booking. The sauna must be returned by 10am on the day specified, in a clean and serviceable condition, with the pan cleaned, the burner ring free of debris and food and in the same original condition.

The burner regulator screws into a normal BBQ gas bottle. Ensure your bottle is defect free before hand.

Do not use the burner inside or in strong winds or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not use metal spoons or ladles with the pan, it will damage the enamel, always use wooden implements. Do not use aggressive abrasives to clean the pan, ideally soak it first to removed cooked on food.

You are responsible for any damages and will forfeit your $250 deposit. Total loss of the pan/burner and stand will incur a $1000 charge.

Canterbury Saunas are not responsible for any accident, injury, fire, loss of property through use of the paella pan/stand/burner. The Client accepts all responsibility for it’s safe usage and for any injury, fire, loss of property. The client is responsible for the health and safety of all users of the paella pan/stand/burner and people in the immediate proximity.