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Extra special aroma, with this selection of 5 sauna oils.

Essential oils added to the water and splashed onto the hot rocks, have a pleasant soothing sensation. Add approximately 5 -10 drops of an oil per liter of water, then splash onto the sauna rocks for an uplifting experience. ***Oils are to be diluted with water and must not be applied directly to rocks***

Available in a 5 pack containing:

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus essential oil helps in clearing the sinuses and relieves congestion.

Pine – Bring the forest in the sauna by splashing the rocks with a solution of essential oil infused water.

Birch – The traditional scent of choice often used in saunas of Finland. Its freshly sharp and minty smell brings to mind a vintage liniment smell.

Cypress – Cypress is most helpful for spasmodic coughs and bronchitis. Using the oil in the sauna with assist with opening airways and easing spasms.

Peppermint –  A scent that can go a long way in improving alertness as well as helping with aches and pains.

Best avoided in pregnancy and take professional medical advice if using with children.

Sold as a five pack, in separate 10ml dropper bottles.

If you wish to have a single oil in a 50ml dropper bottle, please contact us. Prices are $55 each for the large bottles or $59 for a large smoke oil.

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