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Hard to find timber. 

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We managed to find some rough sawn Matai timber that has sat unused for over 30 years and have been putting to good use ever since. The timber is dry, stable, beautiful and best of all, hasn’t been subjected to generations of borer bombs as is common with recycled timber.

As with all of our pieces, these cutters have been handcrafted to a rustic finish, some flaws and imperfections are present, but a raw honesty and natural beauty shines through. Our logo adorns the lovingly made cutter. Imagine rummaging around an old European hunting lodge and coming across one of these cutters in an ancient kitchen, this was our inspiration for this and other pieces in our range.

The cutters are great for soft cheeses, pate and other charcuterie. We’d advise against using on harder cheeses and recommend wiping afterwards with a damp cloth, before drying. Not recommended for dishwashers or soaking in water. Approximately 120mm x 75mm x 20mm, store out of sunlight and in a dry place.

A small pot of our Beeswax and olive oil wood butter is included in the purchase price, it’s recommended to apply the butter regularly to avoid the wood from drying out. The first three pictures show the timber with the butter applied, the last one untreated.

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