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We have teamed up with Lyford Rustic to offer their wooden accessories and platter boards, Inspired by old pre-loved home accessories, hand crafted from native and exotic timbers. Sourcing their timber from specialist merchants, word of mouth and avoiding any stock that has been exposed to paints of chemicals, Lyford Rustic prefer to use rough sawn, virgin timbers. Boards and paddles are hand crafted from rough sawn timber, which is planed, sanded (med, fine, superfine). The final product has intentional flaws or character, to avoid looking like mass or factory produced goods. Sizes may differ slightly as each piece of rare timber is unique.

Lyford Rustic make their own wood butter, which enhances the natural beauty of the timber and protects from degradation. Only using beeswax fromĀ Mt Lyford Honey and other food safe natural oils. Although Mineral oil is food safe, it is a product of the petro-chemical industry and is avoided.

Recyclable cardboard, brown paper and paper tape are used for packaging, to lessen the overall carbon footprint.

Purchases from Lyford Rustic can be made through our website and will be completed with our POLI payment system.

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