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Made from felt, these stylish little hats are designed to enhance your sauna experience.  Available in a choice of two colours: light grey or white, these hats fit every size head.

Designed to protect your head – the most vulnerable part of your body, the sauna hat is an essential item. Especially useful, as the head will heat up the fastest in the sauna. The hats insulate the top of the head maintaining a constant temperature. Wearing a hat allows the user to enjoy a warmer/longer sauna, with more heat reaching the bodies core.

The difference with and without a hat is very obvious and although the hat will look a little comical, they are a great addition to the sauna experience. Sauna hats are very popular in Estonia, Northern Finland and Russia and often feature quirky designs or patterns.

Care instructions: Gentle hand wash, allow to dry naturally, may need some stretching to maintain shape whilst wet.

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