Whisky Sharing Set


Nordic Spruce

Includes jigger and glasses

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Retire by the fireside, relax back into a leather wing back armchair, ideally with some great company and reach for something warming.

Our Whisky sharing sets are full of rustic character and charm. Hand crafted from Nordic Spruce, they also include two  elegant 255ml glasses and a rose gold effect jigger. Polished with a natural wax to emphasise the weathered nature of the timber. Laser engraved custom lettering completes the look of the piece.

Each set will have small differences, flaws and character; consistent with a small batch, hand crafted product.

The wooden caddy is not dishwasher safe, do not soak, simply wife clean with a damp cloth. May need an occasional polish or treating with a furniture wax.

Packaging is fully recyclable

Remember to drink responsibly however, “This is the fast lane…and some of us like it here”.